広島 三段峡 夏にお勧めスポットHiroshima Sandankyo Recommended place to sight sheen

こんにちは FIOLAです。 広島県の三段峡まに観光に行ってきました。

日本の夏は世界有数の暑さです。どこを観光してもキツイだけです。そんなときに一番お勧めの観光スポット 三段峡 あまりメジャースポットでなく観光客もそこまで多くありません。子供連れで渓流で泳いだり魚をとったり、大自然のキレイな空気と景色に包まれて最高な夏休みを過ごせること間違いなしです。 真昼に外を歩いても快適で、滞在中一切エアコン要らず自然のそよ風で快適に過ごせます。私の住んでいる県にも綺麗な渓流はありますが、三段峡の水の綺麗さにはかないません。 広島市内からわずか60分のドライブ 高速 戸河内ICでおりたら僅か10分のドライブです。 戸河内ICを降りたら セブンイレブン、ファミリーマートがあり、LETSという地元のスーパーマーケットがあります。 三段峡に上がってしまうと、物が入手困難になりますので、手前で買い物をすることをお勧めします。

三段峡には日頃見ることのできないような生物が沢山生息しています。 トレッキング中に遭遇するのも楽しみの一つです。 大自然の渓谷なので、滑落したら命がなくなるような場所もありますが、普通にしていれば危険はありません。

Hello, I have visited Sandankyo Gorge this summer vacation, There are hundred of nice view point around this area. Temperature between Central Hiroshima City and Sandankyo is approx 8 degree different. Very nice and cool place in Summer time, very beautiful in autumnal tints season

How to get to Sandankyo.

60Minute drive from Central Hiroshima.

Leave Hiroshima Bus Center (8:18 a.m.)

How to ride a bus: Get a bus ticket bound for “Sandan-kyo gorge” (1400 yen for one way) at box office of Hiroshima Bus Center (3rd floor of SOGO Department Store). Get on the bus at No.7 station, and get off at the last stop.
There is only one rapid bus in the morning. This shopping center is huge and nice place for shipping.  Also recommend enjoy shipping.

  • Hiroshima Bus Center 8:18AM
  • Arrival   Sandankyo Station  9:33AM   There are 0 minute walk to entrance Sandankyo

Tracking Map Sandankyo.

Sandan-kyo gorge is a nation’s representative ravine with a total length of 13 kilometer located in northwestern part of Hiroshima Prefecture. The area has a mystic atmosphere surrounded by a virgin forest and steep rock walls and waterfalls. Winter season is closed because of deep snow. You can visit there from end of April to November.

If you are going to have a day trek from Hiroshima City, we recommend take a round course from Sandan-kyo front gate to Kurofuchi pool. It has an artistic beauty like a Japanese garden full of Japanese aesthetic. It is a 2.7 kilometer-walk, taking 60 minutes one way to Kurofuchi pool, known for its beautiful emerald-green stream. You can see Shimai waterfall and Ishidoi on the way. You can ride a ferryboat to cross the river at Kurofuchi pool. (It takes 5 minutes. 300 yen for one way, 500 yen for round trip.) There is a restaurant “Kurofuchi so” on the other side of the bank where you can taste famous grilled yamame (landlocked salmon) and rice balls cooked with super soft water of Sandan-kyo gorge as you admire the splendid ravine.
Kurofuchi so and ferryboat: open from end of April to November except for bad weather days. *during rainy season, open only Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays.

On Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays (between April 29th to November 23rd), you can take a bus to “Deai-bashi bridge” and head for “Sarutobi” with clear stream, magnificent “Nidan-no-taki waterfall” and “Sandan-no-taki waterfall”.


Take a Hot Spring and re-fresh and change cloth after walking

After a trek, enjoy a hot spring or shop around nearby souvenir shops.
At Japanese hot springs, you take off all your clothes and after washing your body, take a bath in a large bathtub with others. (male and female separate, no swimwear)
You can take a hot spring bath at Sandan-kyo Hotel near the bus stop.

If only take hot spring do not need speak Japanese.

If you wish to take a booking and stay one night this hotel, You can book from internet booking site Rakuten Travel.  Other major internet booking site is not available such as Booking.com , agoda,


Sandan-kyo HotelAddress: 1734 Shiwaki, Akiotacho, Yamagata-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture
Open hours: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Price: 500 yen
*http://www.sandankyo.co.jp/ (Japanese)
*Inquiries -> postmaster@sandankyo.co.jp (Available only in English)


Return way to Hiroshima Station.

Leave Sandan-kyo gorge bus stop (3:00 p.m.)
Arrive at Hiroshima Bus Center (4:20 p.m.)
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